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Cape Cod Ice Cream Reviews

ice cream review in cape cod

When you're vacationing in another town, it is always helpful to have some insider tips and perspectives. So we've decided solicit thoughts and opinions from what we consider to be some of the foremost experts in ice cream; kids under 13 years old. These "experts" have graciously agreed to provide their input if we agreed to buy the ice cream!

old school house ice cream

Old School House - Rt. 28, South Chatham

Kid's Review

  • Fun atmosphere
  • Flavors we sampled Mocha Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Crunchasaurus
  • Large portions
  • Very yummy and "crunchy thingies"
  • Free sprinkles
  • Big chocolate chunks

RATING: 2 cones up!

Parental Perspective: Nice atmosphere. Owner's are very nice people.

kream n kone ice cream

Kreme 'N' Kone - 1653 Main St., West Chatham

Kid's Review

  • Basic atmosphere
  • Flavor sampled: Lemon
  • Unique variety of flavors
  • Was really a "twirl"

RATING: 1 cone up.

Parental Perspective: Casual atmosphere. Heavy seafood smell in building because they have many fried seafood items on their menu.

Emacks and Bolio's Ice Cream - Route 6A, Oracle Square, Orleans and 2 Kent Place, Chatham

Kid's Review

  • Fun flavors
  • Bleeding Heart - Raspberry swirl in vanilla ice cream with large heart shapped chocolate chips
  • Flavors go well together
  • Yummy and creamy

RATING: 2 cones up!

cape cod ice cream reviews
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